Spy on WhatsApp Messages

The best iOS monitoring app for keeping an eye on family members.

  • Monitoring 30+ applications, including WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, SMS, and calls.
  • 100% untraceable.
  • No need to root the target Android phone.
  • Get started within 5 minutes.
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Monitor Your Tagert Phone 
in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1
Simply click "Sign Up" after entering your email address. You will be able to set up the app to begin tracking the device after we create a MobiPast account for you.
Step 2
Set Up
There are various MobiPast plans available. Choose the one that best meets your requirements, taking into account the devices you use and the demands of your family.
Step 3
To purchase your desired subscription, complete your payment. Simply log in to your MobiPast Control Panel at that point to start keeping an eye on the target device.

What can you learn from WhatsApp spy?

Track your children

It is not easy to keep track of children nowadays. They have access to all kinds of information, and some of it might be harmful for them. This is why many parents use WhatsApp spy for their children. It enables them to monitor the messages that their kids are sending and receiving, as well as who they are talking to on the app.

This way they can protect them from any potential dangers, such as cyberbullying or unwanted content that might be shared with them by a stranger or someone they don’t know.

Be aware of your employer's life

The use of WhatsApp Spy is gaining popularity in the workplace. Employees and employers are using it to monitor their employees’ activities and conversations.

You may be wondering why you should use WhatsApp Spy for your employers. The answer is simple: it can save your company a lot of time, money, and resources by preventing loss of data, intellectual property, and advertising revenue.

There are many benefits of using WhatsApp spy software, such as being able to monitor the usage of the app and what messages are being sent and received by employees, as well as the ability to track all data from within the app.

Available for:
  • What is WhatsApp tracker app?

    A WhatsApp online tracker app is a type of software that allows users to monitor and track the activity of another user's WhatsApp account. It can be used to monitor conversations, messages, and other activities on the app. It can also be used to track the location of the user and to view their contact list.
  • Why do I need a WhatsApp monitoring app?

    A WhatsApp Monitoring App can be a useful tool for parents, employers, and other individuals who need to monitor the activities of someone else on WhatsApp. It can help you keep track of conversations, messages, and other activities on the app, allowing you to ensure that the person is not engaging in any inappropriate or dangerous behavior. Additionally, it can help you stay informed about the person's whereabouts and activities, allowing you to take action if necessary.
  • Can Whatsapp chats be tracked?

    Yes, it is possible to track WhatsApp chats using a monitoring app such as Mobipast. Mobipast is a monitoring app that allows you to track WhatsApp conversations, including messages, photos, videos, and audio files. It also allows you to view the contact list of the monitored device, as well as the date and time of each conversation.
  • Can you read someone's WhatsApp messages secretly?

    Yes, you can read someone's WhatsApp messages secretly using MobiPast. It allows you to remotely monitor someone's WhatsApp messages, calls, and other activities. It is a secure and reliable way to keep track of someone's activities without them knowing.
  • How do I track WhatsApp messages without a target phone?

    Tracking WhatsApp messages without a target phone is possible with Mobipast. To install Mobipast, you will need to create an account on the MobiPast website and then download the MobiPast application on the target phone. Once the application is installed, you will be able to monitor the WhatsApp messages of the target phone remotely.