How to See Someone’s Location on Facebook Messenger (With or Without Their Permission)?

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Facebook has fundamentally changed the way we communicate with the world and keep in touch with our loved ones. But while it makes it very convenient to hold those heartfelt online conversations with friends and loved ones, we must be mindful of the whole new type of danger that comes with the age of social media.

The fact that social media crimes are ever on the rise speaks volumes of the need to be more cautious when it comes to protecting our loved ones, both online and offline. You should be well-acquainted with how to see someone’s location on Facebook Messenger in this day and age, even if it means erring on the side of caution and tracking your target without their consent.

It’s easier than you think, and you could be in lockstep with your kids and loved ones in a jiffy from now. This guide is packed with some of the fastest and easiest methods of how to check someone’s location on Facebook Messenger. 

Reasons to Track Someone on Facebook Messenger 

If you want to learn how to track someone on Facebook Messenger but are in doubt about the moral implications, we know that feeling. It’s like choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea – letting your loved ones wander around – probably into danger, without anyone keeping an eye on them or doing your best to keep them safe, whether they approve of it or not.

Here are some common legitimate reasons for using Facebook location tracker: 

Watching Your Kids

Most parents are busy people and are pressed for time to babysit their kids all day. Even though you might have someone watching them, it’s still a good idea to keep track of their location by yourself. And since Facebook is popular among kids, learning how to find someone’s location on Facebook can offer a highly convenient means to track your kids. You can rest easy in the fact that you’re always a click away from seeing exactly where they are at any moment. It’s more like always having them right next to you.

This quote from a Washington Post report encapsulates this trend: “The pros and cons of tracking children once they leave home is a frequent topic of discussion on Grown and Flown Parents, a closed Facebook group for parents of high school and college-age children with more than 130,000 members. Several members who agreed to answer questions said they like the ‘peace of mind’ it gives them about their kids’ safety.” 

Investigating Infidelity

If you know your spouse well, you can tell when they’re hiding something from you. Those slurred speeches, the sudden push for privacy, and increasing distance. Learning how to see someone’s location on Facebook could bring a faster end to your misery, putting all the cards on the table for you to see.

With Messenger tracking, you can connect the dots to figure out where exactly your relationship is heading. Mastering how to find someone’s location through Facebook is one of the most effective ways to catch a cheating spouse since most cheaters use Facebook, and you can find out a whole lot by tracking them there. 

Caring for Seniors

Seniors are becoming more receptive to remote tracking, especially in a post-pandemic world of lesser physical contact. Facebook Messenger location tracking can be an easy way to keep track of seniors in your household.

And since Facebook is very popular among seniors, it can be a very convenient way to stay in touch with the elderly under your care. They can go grocery shopping, get their medical checked pay visits to friends and family, and you can always rest assured that you’re just a click away from learning their location. 

How to Find Someone’s Location on Facebook in 2024?

There are many easy ways to learn how to find someone’s location on Facebook Messenger, each with its pros and cons. Some methods don’t cost anything – only a few minutes of upfront work to set up the tracker. But their tracking options are rather limited. Others have a price tag on them but give you more tracking capabilities.

Here are the easiest methods and their pros and cons. 

Spy Apps

Facebook Security

Let’s start with spy apps because they’re one of the easiest but also most powerful methods. It takes just a few minutes to set up, and you can choose whether to spy in the open or in secret.

A spy app works by sending you copies of every Facebook data that’s processed and stored on your target phone. That includes their Facebook location data. You can also track other Facebook data, like their chats, friends’ lists, group chats, etc., and that’s one of the key advantages that spy apps have over other methods.

Note: The downside is that spy apps generally come with a price tag, so if you’re wondering, ‘can you find someone’s location on Facebook for free?’ you might want to try other alternatives. 

Location Sharing

With Facebook’s location-sharing feature, you can share your location in a snap with anybody you’re chatting with. The feature is in the chat menu and takes just a click to set up. Simply start a chat with the person you want to share your location with, and then open the chat menu and opt for location-sharing to be turned on.

So if you want to track your loved one with this method, these are steps that must be taken – either you do it on their phone or ask them to do it.

However, there’s no way of keeping this away from them. Even if you activate it on their phone behind their back, they’ll always find a location icon telling them you’re on to their location. 

Check Location Tags and #Hashtags


If there’s no way you can physically handle your target’s phone to either set up a spy app or location sharing on their Facebook, you can try tracking them through their location tags. Your target might opt to display their location along with the updates they post. And if they do, you can use that to track their location.

It doesn’t quite sound like the high-tech tracking technique you were probably imagining. But you might be surprised how useful it might be.

Note, however, that you won’t be getting a real-time location update. The location tag stays the same for any particular update, even long after the user has left that location. Also, your target might choose to post a fake location.

So, though you might have a clue or two about their whereabouts, there’s no way of telling whether their location tag is their current location. 

Use the Nearby Friends Feature 

If you’re in luck, the Nearby Friends feature can give you all the tracking capabilities you need to stay in the loop of your target’s whereabouts. This feature makes location-sharing possible among a group of friends using it.

It lists all your friends who are also currently using the feature and then displays the physical distance between you and them, starting from those closest to you. There’s also a chat button right next to each friend for you to start a quick chat.

To track your loved ones using Nearby Friends, all you need do is activate the feature on both your phone and theirs. To activate the feature, go to Facebook’s menu, select More Options and then click on the Nearby Friends option and activate it.

On the downside, you can’t keep this a secret, and your target might choose to quit sharing their location at any point in time. 

Best 3 Apps to Check Someone’s Location on Facebook Messenger

If spy apps are the best-suited method for you, then you must be wondering which spy app can get the job done perfectly. Don’t sweat it. Here are 3 time-tested, proven, and newbie-friendly spy apps for learning how to find someone’s location on Facebook 2024. 


mspy FB

mSpy removes every barrier to tracking someone on Facebook, ensuring you always get accurate and up-to-the-minute updates of their location whenever, wherever.

With mSpy, you’ll get a comprehensive report of your target’s whereabouts. You can see when they enter or leave any location, the full address of the location, and the quickest route down there.

With mSpy, you also have options to either keep your tracking under wraps or track with your target’s consent. And if you’re asking, ‘can you track Facebook Messenger calls?’, mSpy lets you monitor many other phone activities, from their calls to their SMS, social media chats, browser data, etc. 


eyezy facebook6

eyeZy is a go-to location-tracking app for beginners with no prior experience in location tracking. It gives you full access to your target phone, allowing you to get up-to-the-minute reports of their location data as well as other phone data.

Like mSpy, it can track in stealth or in the open. And you can track your target anywhere in the world, even if they’re out of network coverage or have switched off their phone. 


mobipast FB

If you want to learn not only how to see someone’s location on FB but also how to prevent them from harmful online activities, MobiPast could be the app you’re looking for. MobiPast lets you track someone on Facebook, regardless of the device they’re using.

It’s the same simple process all the time. Setting up MobiPast takes just a few clicks, and checking up on your target afterward takes even fewer clicks.

The location update is as detailed as that of any other app. Learn all you need to know about a particular location, how frequently your target visits it, and how much time they spend on average there, plus a whole lot more. 


With the tips and techniques above, you can track Facebook Messenger users without a hassle. So, which method should you try out first?

If you’re wondering ‘how can I trace the location of a Facebook user for free?, you can use the location sharing and Friends Near Me feature, though you’ll not be able to keep it under wraps. For covert tracking, spy apps are your best choice. mSpy, eyeZy, and MobiPast are your best bet, especially if phone tracking isn’t exactly your favorite pastime.

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