Is There a Way to Enter a Cell Phone Number and Read Texts for Free Without Installing It on the Target Phone?

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Despite the popularity of Instant Messaging (IM) channels, texting remains one of the most used communication alternatives. Globally, people exchange 23 billion SMS messages daily. 

Although most people use texts to send reminders and exchange pleasantries with friends and family, some use this communication medium to foster illicit endeavors. 

With child predation, cyberbullying, and cheating all vices executable via SMS, you might want to assess the texts exchanged by your loved ones to ensure they’re safe and aren’t at the mercy of shady individuals.

But how can you uncover their texts without their knowledge? A “sneak peek” when they head to the restroom is a great idea. However, you might encounter a password prompt or get caught! 

To avoid these scenarios, utilize an app that lets you enter a cell phone number and read text messages for free without installing it on the target’s phone.

While this might look undoable at first glance, it’s possible. Below, we’ll give an overview of cell number tracking and top applications that aid this endeavor while offering access to texts within the host device.

Ready? Let’s get right to it!

What Is Cell Number Tracking?

Cell number tracking involves monitoring a smartphone remotely. Although cell number mainly revolves around accessing a device’s GPS location, modern applications grant you access to critical datasets like:

  • Text messages
  • Call logs
  • Address book
  • Notes
  • Multimedia files (photos and images)
  • Installed applications and programs
  • Email messages
  • Browsing history and bookmarks
  • And lots more

As you can see, cell number tracking covers numerous activities. Using a legitimate cell number monitoring application, you don’t need to install software on the target’s Android or iOS device. Instead, you’ll get full access to relevant data featured on a target’s device using its associated phone number or other crucial information (i.e., iCloud credentials). 

P.S: Despite cell number tracking being a multidimensional subject, this guide narrows its focus to text messages. 

Benefits of Cell Number Tracking

Using a cell number tracker to monitor your kid or spouse’s device has numerous benefits, including:

  • Child Safety

If you’re a parent, you’ll understand that keeping your kids safe 24/7 is a valid commitment. When they’re not in your line of vision, you can see who they’re conversing with via text messages with a cell number tracker.

According to a recent report, 500,000 child predators are active daily. With these scary numbers, cell number tracking through a proven application is advised. As such, you can tell if they’re discussing with shady individuals and step in to save them from impending harm. 

  • Partner Monitoring

A survey shows that 21% of men and 19% of women committed infidelity at least once. As such, becoming suspicious when your partner texts round-the-clock is only normal.

Invest in a cell number tracking application to prevent overthinking things and becoming paranoid. Since related software lets you read messages on another phone, you’ll know if your partner’s conversations are casual or otherwise.

  • Employee Supervision

As an entrepreneur who owns a budding business, you’ll likely have several employees to aid daily operations. Although this is great for the smooth running of your company, it’s vital to note that not all workers have your firm’s best interests at heart. 

Sometimes, disgruntled employees might share sensitive information with competitors. According to a recent report, 40% of employees admitted divulging critical information via email. Although statistics on variations sent through SMS aren’t available, we expect it’ll follow a similar trend. 

With this scenario prevalent at most entities, consider setting up tracking apps on company devices. That way, you can monitor staff conversations in real-time and spot those sharing info they shouldn’t. 

DID YOU KNOW: Remotely installing spy applications on an individual’s device without informing them is a crime in numerous countries. We recommend hiring a technology lawyer for insight into your rights to use spy applications to monitor someone’s activities without repercussions.

Read Texts Without Installing Anything on the Target Phone: Is It Possible?

reading texts

Some years ago, talking about reading text messages on an individual’s device from your home’s comfort might have earned you weird looks from your audience. However, the tide has changed, all thanks to technological improvements. 

Besides reading SMS texts on another device, you can kick-start this activity without installing software on a device. Talk about ease and convenience.

However, there’s a caveat: you can only commence remote text message spying without installing software via spy applications. 

So, what are spy applications?

Spy applications are software designed to trawl texts and other relevant data from any device. They collect SMS messages in a well-structured manner that aids hassle-free retrievals.

Spy applications, despite their techy functionalities, denote straightforward operations. Once embedded in the target device, its thumbnail goes incognito. Afterward, it works in the background, granting you crucial context on the sent and received SMS messages on a smartphone.

How to Intercept Text Messages Without a Target Phone for Free

Who doesn’t love freebies, eh? Well, we all do! However, finding proven and tested apps that intercept text messages without the target phone for free online is like searching for needles in a haystack.

Despite their relative unavailability, you’ll still find numerous alternatives pop-up on your screen after inserting queries along these lines — “free SMS spy without access to the target phone.”

In reality, free spy applications don’t exist. The iterations (i.e., SnapBreaker) you find online are 100% fake. Although they’ll display real-time text message tracking snippets, these are just mere designs — they don’t work! 

What’s worse?

Downloading a “free SMS tracker without installing on the target device” application onto your device for “supposed” text tracking negatively impacts your security. We’ve heard reports of users getting spam messages from hackers. And upon clicking associated links, personal information gets compromised.

You don’t want to be among this set, do you? If yes, only patronize tested and trusted spy applications with paid subscriptions.

DID YOU KNOW: Most top-tier spying applications offer Demos. This add-on lets you see how the application trawls SMS messages and other data variations before opting for a subscription. 

How to Read Messages on Another Phone

At this juncture, you already know it’s possible to read messages remotely on another phone using a spy application. 

But the question remains — how can you spy on text messages present on another device without prior monitoring experience? 

Despite the “techiness” of spy applications, they’re easy to use. To demonstrate this, we’ll provide step-by-step instructions on how you can track SMS messages using one of the best spying applications worldwide — mSpy.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Read Texts Using a Cell Number Tracker

mSpy ranks as one of the world’s most popular cell number tracking applications. Although we’ll examine its inner workings in subsequent sections, here are steps you’d need to take for seamless text message tracking on another device (iOS or Android):

Step 1: Create a mSpy Account

Mspy Step 1. Create an Account

If you’d like to learn how to intercept text messages on your ward, spouse, or employee’s device via mSpy, you’d need to create a unique mSpy account. 

For this, visit the official mSpy site — — and hit the “TRY NOW” green-accented icon at the top right corner.

Once you’ve done that, insert your email address and click “CONTINUE” to proceed to the next stage. 

Step 2: Choose a Device

mSpy step 2 installation

After inputting your email, the next thing you must do is select a device. mSpy is currently compatible with two operating systems — Android and iOS. If you’re uncertain about your target’s device variant, tap the “DECIDE LATER” option.

Step 3: Choose a Subscription Plan

mspy pricing

After selecting a device, choose a subscription plan that suits your finances and text monitoring timeline. While most people think mSpy has astronomical pricing packages due to its revolutionary text tracking add-on, the service is quite budget-friendly.

Here’s an overview of mSpy’s premium plans:

  • 1 Month: $48.99 per month
  • 3 Months: $28.00 per month
  • 12 Months: $11.67 per month

NOTE: First-time mSpy users will enjoy discounted subscriptions, regardless of package. However, renewals will see available plans feature their full prices. 

Step 4: Insert iCloud Credentials

icloud credentials

You can only use mSpy to catch someone cheating through text without software installation on iOS devices. 

Upon subscribing and accessing your dedicated dashboard, select “iOS” and insert the target device’s unique iCloud credentials. 

By inserting the correct logins, you’ll have access to multiple datasets on their smartphones, SMS texts included. 

IMPORTANT: Not having access to your target’s iCloud credentials would mean installing the mSpy app physically on their device. Physical app installation also applies to all Android devices. 

Recommended Tools for Reading Texts on Target Phone

Remember the “many are called, but few are chosen” phrase? Well, the same rings true for smartphone text trackers. 

After considering several attributes (i.e, ease of use, stealth, and overall effectiveness), our experts have uncovered the top three cell number tracking apps for seamless SMS text monitoring. 

Notable mentions include:

#1 mSpy

mspy app

mSpy is one of the most popular text-tracking services globally. Boasting over 1.5 million patrons in 180+ countries, this spying platform is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Using mSpy’s unique SMS monitoring feature, you can spot sent and received messages on anyone’s cell phone in real time. Additionally, the spy application gets you in sync with the numbers texting your kid or spouse alongside embedded multimedia files in each conversation.

mSpy has an intuitive UI that lets you access received and sent messages without hassles. Also, there’s 24/7 support available via multiple channels, including live chat, email, and phone. As such, speedy issue resolutions are the norm.

NOTE: mSpy ranks as one of the few text tracking services with a Demo Mode functionality. Utilizing this add-on, you can see how mSpy operates and determine if it’s what you need to track your employee’s text messages.

#2 eyezy

eyezy phone tracker

If you’d like to know how to intercept text messages from another phone without installing software for free, consider what eyezy has up its sleeves. Like mSpy, eyezy has garnered a following for its modernized monitoring techniques.

You can participate in a target’s SMS conversations via eyezy’s Social Spotlight feature. Besides giving you access to recent messages, this add-on offers context on your spouse’s deleted messages. Now, you can know whether their odd-hour chats revolve around infidelity.

eyezy masks your identity by working in complete Stealth Mode. As such, the target remains oblivious to your text monitoring stints. This spy service also offers 24/7 support to resolve patrons’ pressing concerns.

#3 MobiPast

Mobipast New

MobiPast is another top-notch text-tracking application to uncover SMS messages on another individual’s device without installing software. 

This spying software steps things up a notch by providing text timestamps. So, if you’d like to know when your kid’s strange acts started, you can get vital insight via MobiPast. 

One thing we love about MobiPast is its “instant updates.” Available at specific intervals, applying each iteration elevates your monitoring experience.

Offering 24/7 customer support, MobiPast also encrypts your dashboard data. That way, nobody can hack into your account.

Limitations and Risks of Cell Number Tracking

Despite the merits of cell number tracking, this activity denotes several limitations and risks. 


Using cell number trackers to monitor an individual’s device poses legal and ethical issues. In the United States, for example, you can only use spying applications legitimately on your kids’ devices. 

Conversely, if you intend to monitor the SMS texts of those aged 18 and above, seeking their consent is non-negotiable. Negating this caveat is a criminal offense that could subject you to jail time and astronomical fines. 

So, before you engage a cell tracker, examine the regulations surrounding its use in your jurisdiction.


Utilizing a cell phone tracker sets you up for several threats. 

For starters, while some spying applications promise to monitor data on the target’s device, they could compromise crucial information on your smartphone for malicious purposes. The same applies to the tracked user. 

Other notable two-way risks include:

  • Browsing disruptions
  • Identity fraud
  • Unprecedented battery drainage

NOTE: The aforementioned risks take center stage on fake spying applications. If you’d like to track someone’s device without these complications, use one of our suggested cell number monitoring alternatives.

What You Should Note Before Keying Into a Cell Number Tracker

Before opting for paid plans specific to a cell number tracker app, consider these factors:

  • Compatibility

Your choice application must be able to track texts on Android and iOS devices seamlessly. PC compatibility is considered an added advantage. 

So, before subscribing to one, validate its compatibility with your target’s device. 

  • Easy-to-use

Before buying a cell number tracker, ensure it’s easy to use. Ideally, your preferred variation should have step-by-step guides governing installation and usage.

  • Customer Support

No one wants to be stuck with issues when monitoring their ward or spouse’s text messages. It’s always best to choose an application offering 24/7 support across diverse channels (i.e., live chat, email, and phone).

  • Stealth Mode

The purpose of remotely monitoring someone’s texts is defeated if they’re aware of your tracking endeavors. As such, choose cell number trackers functioning in Stealth Mode. That way, the target can use their devices normally without suspicion. 


Is There a Way to Monitor SMS Without Installing Software on the Target Phone?

Yes. However, you’d need to use a spying application. To kick-start this endeavor, insert the target’s iCloud credentials into your preferred app’s dashboard. 

Is It Possible to Spy on a Phone Using Only Its Cell Number?

With a certified spy application, this endeavor is achievable. 

Are There Any Free Methods to Spy on an Android Phone Without Accessing It Physically?

No. Although you’d find numerous free Android text tracking alternatives on the web, they’re mostly fake. As such, you’ll be better off keying into a paid subscription plan on any of our suggested spyware.

How Can I Receive Text Messages From Another Device on My Phone?

By using a spy application. Once it’s operational and synced with the target’s Android or iOS device, log into your dedicated dashboard. Afterward, you’ll get a hold of their exchanged SMS messages 24/7.

What Is the Best Free App to Spy on Text Messages?

mSpy is the best free text message tracking app. Although it doesn’t have a free plan per se, you can get SMS monitoring activities up and running for as little as $11.67 per month.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! We’ve just taken a peek at top cell number tracking applications that can help you uncover text messages on your kid, partner, or employee’s devices. With context from these applications, you can prevent specific scenarios from proving adverse in the long run.

Our #1 spy application is mSpy. Besides offering detailed context on an individual’s text messages, it has a clutter-free UI alongside budget-friendly subscriptions. These add-ons make SMS monitoring via mSpy seamless in all ramifications!

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