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  • Monitor 30+ apps: WhatsApp, Snapchat, Ins, SMS, Calls, etc.
  • 100% undetectable. Remotely track without knowing.
  • No need to root the target Android phone.
  • Get started within 5 minutes.
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Key Features of MobiPast

You have the one-of-a-kind capacity to track 30+ well-known apps and social media networks with MobiPast.
feature Facebook
feature Twitter
feature Instagram
feature Viber
feature WhatsApp
feature Twitch
feature Line
feature Snapchat
feature Skype
feature Calls
feature Zoom
feature Telegram
feature FB Messenger
feature YouTube
feature Chrome
feature Messages
feature Tinder
feature Contacts


Read Text Messages

Spy on Most Social Apps

Track GPS Locations

Monitor Calls

See Photos & Videos

Use Android Keylogger

Read Text Messages

Track sent and received messages, even those that have been deleted. View the contact, date, and timestamp.

Spy on Most Social Apps

Track information, including all messages sent and received on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other platforms. On these social apps, you may also view all of the media files.

Track GPS Locations

Get precise information about the user's location. Additionally, you can view their past locations and receive notifications when they leave a specific area.

Monitor Calls

On the target device, keep track of incoming and outgoing phone calls. Additionally, you will get access to the call's duration, timestamp, and caller details.

See Photos & Videos

View every piece of media, including pictures and videos, that may be on the target device.

Use Android Keylogger

Track each keystroke the device owner makes. This includes keystrokes, PINs, and passwords.

Why Should You Use MobiPast Android Spy?

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Why Should You Use MobiPast Android Spy?

MobiPast Android Spy is a powerful spy app for Android that allows you to monitor a person’s activities on the phone. The app will help you in various ways, such as:

- Monitoring all the calls made or received by the person on the phone.

- Monitor all the messages sent and received by the person on the phone.

- Monitor all social media messages of the person on their phone, including Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

- You can also monitor their browsing history and websites visited by them via their mobile browser.

- You can also monitor emails sent and received by them through Gmail or any other email account that they use with their phone.

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The Reasons to Use MobiPast Android Spy

MobiPast Android Spy is one of the best spy apps for Android. It allows you to monitor an Android phone remotely, without having physical access to it.

This app is a must-have for parents who are worried about their children's safety and security. With MobiPast, you can check on your kids' whereabouts and activities at any time, even when they don't want you to know about their plans!

MobiPast allows you to monitor your child’s or employee’s mobile phone usage. It records the user’s activities on their phone, including call logs, messages, contacts, photos and social media activity.

There are many reasons why you should use MobiPast to monitor your child or employee's mobile phone usage. One of the most important reasons is that it helps parents keep tabs on their children's lives and it can be a good tool for employers to keep an eye on their employees' work habits.

Monitor Your Tagert Phone 
in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1
Simply click "Sign Up" after entering your email address. You will be able to set up the app to begin tracking the device after we create a MobiPast account for you.
Step 2
Set Up
There are various MobiPast plans available. Choose the one that best meets your requirements, taking into account the devices you use and the demands of your family.
Step 3
To purchase your desired subscription, complete your payment. Simply log in to your MobiPast Control Panel at that point to start keeping an eye on the target device.

Actual Feedback from Satisfied MobiPast Clients

Working with clients from all over the world is what we do.
"Mindblowing Service"

You cannot avoid your children owning a mobile device. However, as a parent, I have a responsibility to safeguard my children from offline threats as well, therefore I needed knowledge in this regard. If they don't inform you, it is very difficult to know what they are doing. The only method I've discovered that makes it simple to learn is MobiPast.

Now that I am aware of who my kids are speaking to, I feel much better equipped to defend them.

Jane Cooper
CEO at ABC Corp.
"Amazing Experience"

I have to say that my experience with MobiPast has been amazing! I was hesitant to use a parental control app at first, but after using MobiPast I don't know how I ever managed without it. It has given me such peace of mind knowing that I can see what my kids are doing on their phones even when I'm not with them.

It is so nice to be able to see what my kids are doing on their mobile devices, without having to ask them or sneak around trying to see what they are up to. MobiPast makes it easy for me to keep them safe and informed about what is going on in the online world.

I would highly recommend MobiPast to any parent!

Simon Steel
"Valuable App"

MobiPast is by far the best parental control app I have used. It has tons of features that make it easy to keep my kids safe online. The app is very user-friendly, and it is easy to set up and use. I really appreciate the peace of mind that MobiPast provides me, and I know that my kids appreciate the freedom that MobiPast gives them. Thank you for creating such an amazing app!

Jayden White
Denver, CO
  • Why do you need Android spy software?

    Spy apps for android can be used to monitor the activities of a person's phone, such as text messages, calls, emails, and other activities. It can be used to keep track of a child's online activities, to monitor an employee's phone usage, or to keep an eye on a spouse's activities. It can also be used to protect a person's personal information and to ensure that their phone is not being used for malicious purposes.
  • What is the best hidden app for Android?

    MobiPast is one of the best hidden apps for Android. It is a powerful monitoring and tracking app that allows you to monitor and track the activities of your children, employees, and other people. It is a discreet and secure app that can be used to monitor calls, messages, emails, social media activities, and more. It also has a GPS tracking feature that allows you to track the location of the device in real-time.
  • What can MobiPast tracking app for Android do?

    MobiPast spyware for Android is a powerful and easy-to-use monitoring and tracking app that allows you to monitor and track the activities of your children, employees, and other people. It can track their location, calls, messages, emails, social media activities, and more. It also provides real-time alerts and notifications when certain activities occur. Additionally, it can be used to remotely control the device, block certain apps, and restrict access to certain websites.
  • Is Android spy app undetectable?

    Yes, Android spy apps are designed to be undetectable. They are designed to run in the background without the user's knowledge, and they are designed to be difficult to detect.
  • Is it legal to use an Android spy app?

    It depends on the country and the specific app. In some countries, it is illegal to use a spy app on someone's phone without their knowledge or consent. In other countries, it may be legal to use a spy app as long as it is used for legitimate purposes, such as monitoring a child's online activity or tracking a lost or stolen phone. It is important to research the laws in your country before using any type of spy app.