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30+ Spy Features

Knowledge is power — the power to control your fate and those of people around you. MobiPast for iOS and Android gives you the power to unearth vital truths that help you shape your relationships. The MobiPast app is a stealthy, smooth-running spying tool that allows you to easily figure out what your kids, spouse, or employees may be hiding from you.

Phone Calls

MobiPast for iPhone and Android provides remote, turn-key access to your target’s phone call records. See exactly who they’re talking to, when they talked, and for how long, all with the click of a few buttons. You can archive messages for as long as many months for future reference.

SMS Monitoring

Find out who your targets have been messaging whenever you want to. The app provides comprehensive details of a target’s text messages, including the sender/receiver’s identity, the time and date stamps, and the content. You can even view deleted messages from your user dashboard’s archives even if the messages have been deleted on the target phone.


One of the tools that make MobiPast for Android or iOS a highly advanced app is a keylogger feature that captures every key pressed on the target phone. You’ll get to see everything from the messages they type to the credentials they enter on various apps and platforms to their personal passwords to their cell phones. The app also presents these keypress records in an analysis-ready report that paints a vivid picture of your target’s phone activities.


From the installation stage and throughout the monitoring campaign, you won’t ever have to be worried about getting caught. Once installed remotely on the target phone, MobiPast disappears into the phone’s background, where it siphons loads of phone data using untraceable amounts of processing power, battery life, and data allowance.


You don’t need the username and password of your target’s email address to view their emails. The app’s far-reaching data mining operations also bundles in the target’s emails. You’ll be able to view full details of your target’s emails, from the contents to the details of the sender/receiver’s details and the time/date stamps.

Browser Monitoring

The app delivers comprehensive details of all your target’s browsing activities. It allows you to view in real-time the web pages they visit, the files they download and upload, and the messages they read and post on various online platforms and forums. You’ll even get to see the contents of password-protected sites and forums they visit.

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How to Download and Install MobiPast?

If you wish to keep your loved ones safe, here is a step-by-step instruction on how to install MobiPast.

Fill out the sign-up form with your personal details, and then choose the most suitable type of MobiPast app subscription for your spying needs. After that, proceed to the checkout page and confirm your payment. You’ll then receive a confirmation email containing the details of your subscription, as well as further instructions on how to download and install the app on your target phone. 

Follow through with the instructions in your confirmation email and install the app on your target’s phone. For Android phones, you need a moment alone with the target phone to load the MobiPast APK download link on its browser and execute the installation process following the prompts that you’ll receive.

For iOS devices, you can simply insert the target’s iCloud credentials on your user dashboard, and you’ll have access to all the target’s phone data that is uploaded to their iCloud accounts. But you need to ensure that the target’s iCloud account isn’t protected by two-factor authentication and that their iCloud syncing is active with short syncing intervals. 

Once you’re able to install the app on the target phone successfully, you’ll never need physical access to their phone to view records of important phone activities from the comfort of your smartphone. You can simply log into your user dashboard and navigate to the category of information the app has collected from your target’s phone.

MobiPast for iOS and Android Customer Reviews

Whenever my kids come home behaving suspiciously, I don’t just ask them and expect an honest response. After all is said and done, I simply head over to my user dashboard and scroll through what they’ve been doing on their phone during the day. I can choose to prevent them from continuing with certain conversations, app features, and site contents that sound suspicious.
Berth Norman
I knew my partner had relapsed back to his old ways and slept with his female co-workers, but he’s been pretty thorough offline, and I just couldn’t find any evidence against him. I heard about the MobiPast spy app recently from a friend and thought to try digging around for dirt with it. It’s a shame he never appreciated what we had when we were having it because he’s been all over me after I found out about his infidelity and called it quits for good.
Nora Ruby
When I first saw the comprehensive list of spying features in this app, I thought to myself that it must cost a fortune and must also require some technical expertise. But true to the creator’s words, this app indeed gives you a great bang out of your bucks, providing access to vital information without requiring any steep technical expertise or a huge budget.
Renne Paul

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