How to Spy on iPhone Without Installing Software: A Full Guide

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According to a recent report by Statista, there are over 113 million iPhone active users in the United States – accounting for a mind-boggling 47% of all smartphone users in the country. 

iPhones rank high amongst users due to their security add-ons. Although smartphone safety is applaudable, some people capitalize on these iPhone functions to execute scams and other illicit acts. 

On the surface, it may look as though iPhone spying is impossible. However, if you have the “how can I spy on an iPhone” query, there’s good news. 

Regardless of their seeming impermeable nature, you can monitor an iPhone remotely and stealthily without accessing the target device. 

The medium that facilitates this endeavor? iPhone spy apps! 

My journey with iPhone spy applications began when I suspected my boyfriend of cheating. Although he denied my allegations vehemently, the tell-tale signs of infidelity were there, and I couldn’t ignore them. 

This gut feeling led me to make Google queries along the lines of – “how to spy on iPhone without access to phone” or “best spyware for iPhone.” 

Thankfully, my searches yielded positives as I used the top iPhone spyware alternatives to spy on my cheating boyfriend’s device. After some days, I found out that he was cheating on me with his high school bestie. 

Albeit disappointed, I called it quits and moved on. Below, I’ll run you through alternatives that helped me greatly. Using these apps, your chances of seeing your spouse or kid’s iPhone activities all day long are at 95%. 

How Can I Spy on an iPhone Without Access to the Target Phone?

As we’ve established, spying on an iPhone is possible. However, note that there are two mediums to make this activity a possibility:

  • Jailbreak method
  • No-jailbreak method

The jailbreak option is the most popular iPhone spying route. Nonetheless, you’ll need physical access to the target iPhone to start spying-related activities. You can only use the jailbreak option on older iOS versions. 

Conversely, the no-jailbreak method works seamlessly on all iPhone variations. Using this medium, there’s no need to access the target iPhone physically. Although it ranks high in terms of ease, the no-jailbreak alternative doesn’t offer advanced features available on jailbroken spy app variants.

However, the no-jailbreak iPhone tracking route works. Here’s a guide to getting started via this alternative.

The Remote Installation (No-jailbreak) Guide

Although there are numerous spy apps for iPhone, the no-jailbreak variations of these applications integrate a similar installation process. 

Here are significant steps to follow to the “T”:

Step 1. Install Your Preferred Spyware on a PC

Your chosen spy application will have a dedicated iOS form to seamlessly track iPhones and related devices. Install this format onto your PC using the download link sent to you via email (upon subscription).

Step 2. Download the iTunes Application on Your Computer

This step is optional, as macOS users have the iTunes app pre-installed on their computers. However, you must download iTunes if your PC runs on Windows. 

Check for iTunes for Windows download links on the web to get started. Upon download, install accordingly. 

Step 3. Spyware Activation

To activate the installed spyware, insert the activation code sent to you via email. Depending on the spy app, these values can be alphanumeric or numeric-only. 

Step 4. Connect the Target iPhone to the Spying Service

You must sync the target iPhone to the installed spy application on your computer. 

This procedure is straightforward, and by following the instructions featured in the confirmation email, you can scale past this endeavor within 5 minutes. 

Step 5. Commence Monitoring

After going through the aforementioned steps, it’s time for you to commence tracking in full gear. Now, you’ll see the intricate data bits on the target’s iPhone from your dedicated dashboard. 

NOTE: The guide above is ideal for those who want to spy on an iPhone without an iCloud password. While iCloud details are required for most spy apps, having an alternative to rely on is great. 

6 Best Spy Applications for iPhone Without Target Phone

If you’re looking to spy on an iPhone without access to the target phone, I’m sure that you’ve come across a ton of alternatives. 

Although the vast array of mediums may seem great, most of these apps are 100% scams. 

I don’t want you to lose your money to these fraudulent platforms. Thus, I’ve curated a list of 6 spy applications that’ll get your iPhone monitoring needs all sorted.

Notable mentions include:



When it comes to remote iPhone tracking, mSpy takes the #1 spot. Unlike other spy applications with limited functions, mSpy is on another level with 36+ features under its sleeves. 

Using mSpy, you can track a target’s exchanged texts alongside their timestamps. Also, if you think your kid or spouse is venturing into dangerous areas, you can see their real-time location without breaking a sweat.

To access these data bits, all you need to do is head to your dedicated mSpy Control Panel. Here, you can sift out the information you need without hassles.

You don’t need to access the target’s iPhone to install mSpy. Upon subscribing, log into your Control Panel and insert the target’s iCloud details. Afterward, you’ll get unfiltered access to their data 24/7.

You can also hack into someone’s iPhone via mSpy by syncing their devices with yours when they connect to your Wi-Fi network.


You can access mSpy for as low as $48.99 monthly.


  • 24/7 customer support
  • User-friendly interface
  • Seamless set-up process
  • Works in 100% Stealth Mode
  • Bank-grade encryption to safeguard data


  • Monitoring multiple devices is expensive


Mobipast New

If you want an undetectable spy app for iPhone to spy on your employee or kid remotely, consider MobiPast. Using this spy application, you have access to over 30 features, including text monitoring, GPS tracking, and email tracking.

One standout feature of the MobiPast application is its Keylogger. You can view all the keystrokes from the target device using this functionality. 

So, if your spouse or ward logs into unsavory sites with distinct passcodes, you’ll see them on your dashboard.

Using MobiPast is straightforward. All you need to start your spying acts on an iPhone cell phone is the user’s iCloud login. Alternatively, you can use the Wi-Fi option that’ll see you sync to their iPhone when they connect to your network. 


Getting started with the efficient services of MobiPast will see you part away with $48.99 monthly.


  • Seamless installation process
  • Over 30 iPhone monitoring functionalities
  • Responsive email support 
  • Works in complete Stealth Mode
  • Reasonable pricing plans


  • There’s no plan for tracking multiple iPhones
  • It doesn’t offer a free Trial



Are you interested in knowing how to spy on an iPhone without the target phone in sight? Look towards eyeZy. This spy application trumps most variations on the web due to its futuristic functionalities. 

With eyeZy pulling the strings on your ward, spouse, or employee’s iPhone, you can access their call logs, texts, social media profiles, GPS location, and browser history. 

eyeZy, using its Magic Alerts add-on, issues prompts to you via your dashboard if the target is up to an illicit act in real-time. Thus, you can get perspective on an event and resolve it before things get out of hand. 

eyeZy’s Friendly Installer feature allows you to remotely get the service up and running on the target iPhone. 

This spying service offers two set-up alternatives. You can insert the target’s iCloud login details into your dashboard to get started. 

Another way to use eyeZy on the target iPhone is via local sync over Wi-Fi. You’ll need to convince the target to connect to your Wi-Fi here. Once they’re connected, you’ll be able to sync their device with eyeZy and trawl data seamlessly.


You don’t need to “break the bank” to afford the eyeZy application. The monthly package is $47.99.


  • Responsive customer support channels
  • Clutter-free dashboard
  • Bank-grade encryption to ease safety concerns
  • Straightforward monitoring process
  • Compatible with most iPhones


  • There’s no free trial available
  • Costly if you’d like to monitor several iPhones

DID YOU KNOW: eyeZy has a demo site that depicts the dashboard you’ll have access to upon subscription. This platform is arranged into distinct segments and shows you how easy it is to find data bits on the target’s iPhone. Now, you have no excuse along the line of tech-savviness! app

Unlike the spy applications listed above, excels in one area only – GPS location tracking. This service gives you the luxury of seeing the whereabouts of your spouse or kid with the mobile number! 

Also, you won’t need to install on the target iPhone to get their accurate location.

Talk about a service that screams revolutionary!

To use, insert the target’s phone number into the dedicated space at the website’s homepage. Now, create a custom text that Localize will convert to a link and send to the recipient. Immediately they click on it, you’ll receive their GPS coordinates.

This service will work on all devices with a functional Global Positioning System. It also supports all network carriers globally. So, it doesn’t matter where the target is; you’ll be able to track them via


You can enter Localize’s 24-hour trial package for just $0.89.


  • Works in 100% Stealth Mode
  • Compatible with all GPS-enabled devices
  • Can track unlimited phone numbers
  • It doesn’t require physical installation
  • Supports network carriers worldwide


  • Offers GPS tracking only
  • Target’s GPS location is unknown if they don’t tap the link


Spyzie app

Tagged the world’s #1 spy phone application, Spyzie is one of the best spy apps for iPhone without access to the target phone. Using Spyzie, you can see your kid’s text messages, together with their timestamps. This spying service also gets you in sync with your spouse’s GPS location 24/7. 

To use Spyzie, select the iOS package that suits your finances. After sorting this aspect, log into your Spyzie profile and input the target’s iCloud credentials. Now, click the “Start” button to commence data trawling from the tracked user’s iPhone.


Spyzie’s Premium package goes for $10.83 monthly.


  • Adopts state-of-the-art encryption technology
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Top-tier payment channels
  • Round-the-clock customer support is available
  • Positive reviews from renowned media outlets


  • Slow replies from customer support
  • Jailbreaking is required to use the advanced add-ons



XNSPY is another iPhone spy application that gets the job done remotely. This application has attracted many users due to its revolutionary stance on phone spying. XNSPY grants you access to a target’s text messages, calls, GPS location, and social media accounts. 

Getting started with XNSPY’s no-jailbreak form doesn’t require a certification from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). To get the ball rolling, pick an iOS plan and make a payment. 

Upon payment, log in to your distinctive dashboard and input the target’s iCloud credentials. 

Afterward, you’ll be able to see their messages, calls, and location from your web-based Control Panel.


XNSPY’s Basic plan starts at $4.99 per month.


  • It has a dedicated FAQ section
  • Compatible with past and present iOS versions
  • Simple set-up process
  • It has several advanced features
  • Thoughtful Refund Policy
  • Live chat available


  • Jailbreaking required to access some add-ons

NOTE: Although iPhone spying is possible through the target’s iCloud credentials, note that data trawling will be challenging if 2FA is enabled. 

Can I Spy on an iPhone With Just the Number?

Yes. Using a GPS tracker like, you can see the real-time location of a person. 
To set things in motion, insert the phone number in the appropriate section and create a text. Localize will now add a link to this message and send it to the recipient.
Once the receiver taps on this link, you’ll see their GPS location.

Are Spy Apps for iPhone Undetectable?

As listed above, the spy apps for iPhones without the target phone work in 100% stealth mode. Thus, you can track on anyone’s iPhone without them knowing. Upon installation, their app thumbnails are hidden.

What Is the Best Spy App on iPhone?

The best spy app on iPhone for me is mSpy. This app embodies what a spy application must have in terms of features, compatibility, and pricing.

How Can I Spy on Someone’s iPhone for Free?

To spy on someone’s iPhone for free, I recommend a spy app with a free trial available. For instance, you can use for almost free by subscribing to its 24-hour trial plan for $0.89.

Are iPhone Spy Apps Legal?

The legality of spy applications depends on the state. Typically, parents can track their kids’ iPhones without issues.

However, to avoid run-ins with the law, see an attorney to explain spying-related rules in your state.

Major Takeaway

I’ve run through the best iPhone spy apps available at the moment. Although they aided me in monitoring my BF’s cheating acts, mSpy came off as the “Primus Inter Pares” of them all. 

With over 36 features in its résumé, mSpy promises a spying experience that exceeds expectations.

The pricing is also decent, allowing you to get your monitoring-related acts started without boring a hole in your finances. 

You can also try the other alternatives on this listing, as they assure 100% stealth and efficiency. Regardless of what method you lean towards, your chances of getting in sync with someone’s iPhone activities through these apps are high!

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